WP Rocket Black Friday 2019 Deal – 35% OFF Discount

By Manish Sharma

October 16, 2019

Looking to buy Cache plugin for your WordPress website? I have got an amazing deal for you which you must not miss in any situtation that's because you will never save your $$ as much as you will save in this WP Rocket Black Friday 2019 Deal. 

If you don't want to invest in paid plugin no issues you can use the free plugins as well such as, W3 Total Cache, LiteSpeed, WP Super Cache etc. no doubt these free cache plugins are good but if you want to compare with WP Rocket then you have to try WP Rocket with 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Prove me wrong if you didn't liked WP Rocket. If you are on SSD Shared Hosting you can optimize your site which will load your site more quicker than before.

WP Rocket is highly recommended premium WordPress cache plugins which improves you site speed and performance.

WP Rocket Black Friday 2019 Deal

WP Rocket black friday 2019 deal is you get --% OFF on all the plans. They never offers such discounts other than Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 

WP Rocket Black Friday Sale Details:

  • Discount: 35% OFF on all plans.
  • Coupon Code: Not Required.
  • Deal Starts on: November 26 - 3rd December, 2019.

WP Rocket Pricing:

WP Rocket has 3 plans Single, Plus, infinite. 

1. Single: Single plan is only for 1 website and you will get 1-year of updates & Support.

2. Plus: Plus plan is for 3 websites and you will get 1-year of updates & Support.

3. Infinite: Infinite plan is for UNLIMITED websites and you get 1-year of support & updates.

Why WP Rocket for your WordPress sites?

The benefits of using WP Rocket on your WordPress Sites:

Cache preloading:

Running a WordPress site? You are highly recommended to use cache preloading on your blog posts which will load the content faster and users won't wait to load.

Cache preloading is one of the feature you won't find in any FREE plugin. (other cache plugins like W3 total cache or WP super cache) where you can preload the cache to instantly improve the indexing of your site by search engines like Google.

Database optimization:

Most of your WordPress site’s data is stored in your databases, so the increase in your database size may slow down the loading speed of your site.

So, here you need a proper cache plugin that helps you optimize your databases so you can increase your site’s speed. WP Rocket optimizes your databases and reduces their size to increase your site’s loading speed and performance.


Another solid reason to use WP Rocket is that it offers you Lazyload option which helps you show your images only as your website visitors scrolls down the site.

It largely impacts your website speed whether they are browsing from laptop, PC or smartphones.


Its the another best feature of WP Rocket which give a huge boost to your WordPress website. For more about CDN check out here.

Hence, Its up to you now if you don't havea budget right now then I would recommend use FREE cache  plugins or else you must shift to WP Rocket for better performance and Load your website faster.

Hope, you have enjoyed the WP Rocket black friday 2019 deals.

WP Rocket Black Friday 2019 Deal – 35% OFF Discount
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Looking to buy the Cache plugin for your WordPress website? Save your $$ NOW or you won’t be able to save get WP Rocket Black Friday 2019 Deal 35% OFF Discount.

WP Rocket black friday
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